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Torsten Kamps – Magnetic Horns
Jazz – Release date: 2009-08-18 / Catalog no.: ppt60074 / Format: Download-Album

	Torsten Kamps - Magnetic Horns
The artist Torsten Kamps is born 1961 and is a saxophone player, arranger, and composer since many years. Since the introduction of the MIDI interface he is also very experienced with the application of electronical instruments and music production software. He studied "Jazz Arrangement and Composition" at the "Amsterdam School of the Arts" (Hilversum).

At the age of five Torsten Kamps started to play the violin. Later on he took lessons in classical German flute and additionally saxophone. Over the years he developed a passion for jazz, movie scores, latin, chillout, funk, orchestral music and digital sounds.

"magnetic horns" is his debut album, which combines all these attributes (and passions). All the tunes on this album consist out of acoustic and electronic sound layers, which are strongly woven into itselves - similar to colors, which come out of diffenrent buckets of paint or collapsible tubes onto the canvas and nevertheless create a homogeneous image. The brass section stands in the foreground and is the central theme in this project.

The multi-talented musician Torsten Kamps does not solely elaborate music like the tracks for his first album. He has composed and produced music for TV advertising campaigns of well-known brands as well as soundbeds for trailers, broadcasted by German TV stations. He also arranged for the renowned Movie Orchestra Babelsberg in Germany, Symphonic Radio Orchestra Warsaw, and some famous German movies at cinema.

Now sit back and enjoy a dedicated listening experience. On the album "magnetic horns" Torsten Kamps takes us into his world and presents a brilliant and creative release with brisk brasses, groovy rhythms, and perfect combinations in sound, which can be listened well at any occasion.

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1. Full House
2. My Elevator
3. Jazz Light
4. Electric Trick
5. Too Serious
6. Too Many In Formation
7. Construction 12
8. End Of Spring
9. Try Dry
10. Main Station
11. Prophecy Over F
12. Crows Afterhours

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