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Palmira Guitar Cocktail – Autumn Lights (Music on the Classical Guitar)
Classical – Release date: 2013-10-29 / Catalog no.: ppt60096 / Format: Download-Album

	Palmira Guitar Cocktail - Autumn Lights (Music on the Classical Guitar)
Palmira Guitar Cocktail has recorded a music album especially for autmn/fall to appreciate this fascinating season of the year. Most people all over the world associate autumn with Indian summer, harvest, mystical landscapes and scenery, misty meadows, falling leaves and some comfortable melancholy.

In this time the world is celebrating Thanksgiving, Erntedankfest or other rites of being thankful for the gifts of harvesting. Children like to make jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkins, they have fun to dress up for Halloween and collect some sweets, or to wander around with little lanterns in the evening.

The band Palmira Guitar Cocktail has played a few of the best works and compositions for classical guitar to express and bring out these special moods and feelings in the fall of the year. These acoustic guitar tunes range from middle-age and romantic compositions to modern works and will guide you through this mystical, magical season, when you are talking walks through the parks and woods of a "Golden October".

Enjoy this atmospheric music, when you are slowly preparing for the holy winter time, while cosily sitting in you home, enlightening candles, drinking a cup of hot tea, reading a good book or enjoying the time with friends and family ...

(This album is also a very good reference for guitar learners.)

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1. Autumn Lights (Herbstlicht)
2. Leaves Falling (Laubregen)
3. Morning Dew (Morgentau)
4. Wafts of Mist (Nebelschwaden)
5. Belvedere (Thomas Robinson)
6. Partita in A Minor: I. Aria (Johann Anton Logy)
7. Partita in A Minor: II. Capricio (Johann Anton Logy)
8. Partita in A Minor: III. Sarabande (Johann Anton Logy)
9. Partita in A Minor: IV. Gavotte (Johann Anton Logy)
10. Partita in A Minor: V. Gigue (Johann Anton Logy)
11. Fantasie (Silvius Leopold Weiss)
12. Grand Sonata in A Major: II. Romance (Niccolò Paganini)
13. 25 Studies for Guitar, Op. 38: Study No. 7 (Napoléon Coste)
14. Lagrima (Prelude) (Francisco Tárrega)
15. Choros No. 1 (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
16. Suite Castellana: I. Fandanguillo (Federico Moreno Torroba)
17. Suite Castellana: II. Arada (Federico Moreno Torroba)
18. Fly Me To The Moon (Bart Howard)
19. In Memoriam Django Reinhardt, Op. 64a: I. Prelude (Carey Blyton)
20. In Memoriam Django Reinhardt, Op. 64a: II. Elegy/Blues (Carey Blyton)
21. In Memoriam Django Reinhardt, Op. 64a: III. Django Reinhardt's Stomp (Carey Blyton)
22. Valsa sem nome (Baden Powell)
23. Julieta (Sebastião Tapajós)
24. Six couleurs: Pourpre (Norbert Leclercq)
25. Six couleurs: Turquoise (Norbert Leclercq)
26. Six couleurs: Arlequin (Norbert Leclercq)
27. Six couleurs: Orange (Norbert Leclercq)
28. Six couleurs: Noir (Norbert Leclercq)
29. Six couleurs: Cyclamen (Norbert Leclercq)
30. The Mandolin [From "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"] (Stephen Warbeck)

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