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Lucy's Band – Lucy's Band
Pop/Folk – Release date: 2009-03-03 / Catalog no.: ppt60072 / Format: Download-Single

	Lucy's Band - Lucy's Band
Lucy's Band – the song
Just one summer Lucy and her band are a successful local band – somewhere. Like many other local heroes the have a dream of a big artist career as well. The experience unforgettable moments, which are just a precursor for that, what may come else. And they have this one special song, which can make to become an all-time super hit, if there wouldn't ... With this tune Lucy's Band deals with its own experience of felt immortality through this one – irresistable – hit.

Lucy's Band – the band
Lucy's Band is not the typical sort of band. The expression "digital project" comes much more closer to give this entity a describing attribute. maz – the band leader – met his companions via the internet platform www.digitalmusician.net and shaped a multi-national project. The musicians have contributed their instrumental and vocal performances with the help of this internet solution, while maz was monitoring and coaching during the recordings through a web cam. The communication was like in a usual recording studio although the artists have been on different places and in different time zones on this planet. All musicians are based in different states of the USA, the Netherlands and in different cities in Germany.

Lucy's Band – the concept
Lucy's band are a digital project. But unlike the local band, that is described in this song, they are aware, that the traditional pop star and idol doesn't have to exist anymore. A bunch of like-minded people, that has met over the internet is a new possible way in these days. They care only about music that speaks for itself. For this reason Lucy's Band is not available on physical media like vinyl and CD. The distribution is carried out solely through internet in music download stores. Enjoy Lucy's Band!

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1. Lucy's Band (Club Remix)
2. Lucy's Band (Extended Mix)
3. Lucy's Band (Radio Mix)

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